Thursday, October 16, 2008

Got Hope?

So I was driving along somewhere yesterday. Honestly, I don't remember where, since most of my trips are spent in odd conversation with children. Anyway, I saw a bumper sticker that read "Got Hope?" I thought to myself.... What a cool Christian sticker! Then as I got closer I saw the fine print. (There's always fine print isn't there?) It wasn't a Christian sticker at all. It was a sticker for Barack Obama. And in that moment my heart sank as I realized our county is moving rapidly forward to putting their faith not in the God of the universe, but in a man. This has nothing to do with how I feel about Mr. Obama as a candidate. (Side note- if you're going to talk against the Iraq war you should actually talk to the people who have been there, not listen to a bunch of career politicians whose only care is to get themselves reelected. That's all I'll say about the presedential election.)

As a country we've bought into this idea of hope in a man. It's a false hope. We're placing our hopes in a man to change the country. This is a country that for the past fifty years has completely turned our backs on the true source of hope. Our founding fathers knew that source of hope, but we have turned away, not wanting to offend anyone. Instead, we've made it okay to be anything except a Christian, caucasian working class man who likes women. Gay? It's okay because God made you that way (even though in every other area the same people saying they were created this way are denouncing the Creator Himself). Child Molester? Yep, that's okay too because you must have had a crappy childhood. Been given a bad medical prognosis? It's okay to kill yourself. Unwanted pregnancy? It's okay to kill the baby. Sentenced to death row because you've committed the most heinous of crimes? Nope- not okay to kill you. Been mistreated in a military prison because you were plotting against our country? Nope- that's bad too.

We've become a country full of hypocrites. We've placed our hope in the empty promises of a man. (And yes, I believe both candidates are just trying to say what they have to in order to get themselved in office. I am voting based on past performance and a few key issues important to my faith and my family.)

The only thing that is giving me comfort is the scripture that says God's will WILL be done. The people in office get there because God wants them there to support His will. I'm just thinking Jesus may be coming soon.

(I know this seems a bit extreme, but I'm very angry that a man that claims to be Christian would ask for anyone's hope to be put in anyone except Jesus Christ Himself.)

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