Monday, September 15, 2008


Our sermon yesterday was about the power of our root system. My bible study this week is also about the power of roots. God trying to tell me something? Yes, yes He is.

Over the last couple years, since the twins were born, I've slowly let life creep in. Little things. Silly things. I've sporadically studied my bible, but more out of obligation than a deep hunger. My roots need to be fed. I've forgotten that. I had allowed myself to get so distracted that I forgot what it was like to hunger for God's word, to thirst for that intimacy.

Yesterday's sermon also got me thinking about people that God can use. Psalms 1... spend some time reading it.

I spent a year of my life, while hubby was deployed, praying the "I can do all things through Christ" prayer. Everyday He carried me along, as I flailed about trying to keep my head above water. He brought friends to my side, friends that truly Love Him. Those friends pulled me up and dusted me off. They loved me unconditionally. He also brought people in my life that judged me. People that felt they had the right to knock me down because they profess to be believers of Christ. These people hurt me deeper than I can express with words. I was vulnerable and I was judged on my vulnerability. I have since become even more aware of the people around me.

I've learned who I can actually trust. The list is small. I won't go into who is actually on the list because some people would be hurt that they aren't there. And I don't want to hurt anyone the way I was hurt. Instead I'm trying to forgive those that hurt me, praying that God shows me how to love those people. I always hear quality over quantity. I never really understood though. It's better to have a few amazing people in your life, people you can count on any time of day or night, than lots of people that judge and condemn you.

This morning when I woke up all I could think about was my time with God, reestablishing my roots. Putting them deep in the fertile soil of God's Word. Today's study when I got there... hungering and thirsting for eternal things, rather than temporary. So that's what I'll work on. Focusing on Him, His Word and His Unfailing Love for me.

Lord, I thank you for the people in my life. I thank you for those that love me. I also thank you though for those that have judged, for they are being used by you to refine my heart. Thank you for what you are doing in my life and the lives of the people around me. Please continue to give me the strength I need to follow you. In your son's holy name- Amen.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What happened to customer service?

I've become increasingly frustrated with customer service the last few days. Why you ask?

Incident #1:
My sister in law is having her first baby. She's registered at Wal Mart's website. I went to the site, found the registry, clicked the items I wanted to buy, clicked "Check Out." I thought that was that. I got the confirmation email and alas, it said the shipping address was my own. I emailed Wal Mart and all they said was they were sorry for the inconvenience. I bought something from a registry and it is being mailed to ME, not the person on the registry. I now have to trudge four kids to the post office and pay a second shipping charge to get the items to my sister in law.

Incident #2:
I check the mail the other day and find a little card that states I have a certified letter. I go to the post office the next day to pick it up. I hand my card to the lady in the window, she's gone for a good 15 minutes and comes back and says that they can't FIND my certified letter. That's right, it was "lost." Certified mail and they lost it between my house (or my mailbox) and the post office. What the heck? I checked the mail today to see if it was there. (I signed a little form that said they could deliver it if they found it.) No letter. So I call the post office again. The gentleman was very nice, but again couldn't find my letter. He gave me the number for the post office inspector person.... meaning I have now filed an official complaint that my letter was stolen.

Incident #3:
(This happened to a friend not me... but it has happened to me in the past at the same store and I'm on a roll now.) My friend went through the Burger King drive thru the other day to get supper for herself and her three kids (aged 4, 2 and 1). She waited 45 minutes from pulling into the drive thru to getting her bag of food. Once you're in the line you can't leave, unless you happen to have a very large wheeled SUV and no respect for landscaping. (And you're willing to chance a ticket for driving all over the grass.) She thought there was something missing, so she ended up toting the three kids inside. When she was at the counter requesting her missed item she asked why it took so long. The employee told her "It's pay day and we're doing the best we can." Um no, it was a few days after payday, a weeknight and not the dinner rush. Idiots.

So, my question, what the heck happened to customer service?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Age is only a state of mind... right?

I went in today for my annual eye exam. I've worn glasses since I was in third grade, so the last 24 years or so. Anyway, I turned 33 almost a month ago. Not too old. At least I don't think so. While I was doing my exam I (for the first time) had to do the reading to see if I need bifocals. It took me until later in the afternoon to realize what had happened. At the time I thought nothing of it. You move through your random exams. You answer the "Which looks better #1 or #2?" over and over again.

Then, it just hit me. Hours later.

"Did I just take a bifocal exam too?"

"I DID just take a bifocal exam! Holy Crap! How old am I again?"

I don't feel old. Okay, maybe somedays I feel old. But 33 isn't that old. Seriously. It wasn't that long ago that I was a cool person. I mean, maybe 10 years. But that's not long ago. It's not like I was cool in the 50's.

When did 33 become old?

This week's plans

Well, as Sunday night draws to a close the kids are all finally asleep. Howard is standing behind me jamming out on Guitar Hero or Rock Band... one of thos games we love to play and pretend we're still cool. (We used to be, but it's been like 10 years or so I think.)

I'm looking at this week's planner page and thinking, "Wow That's a lot to do." Just to give you an idea of where I'll be spending my week...
Monday is an eye exam for me, grocery shopping and then housecleaning. Howard has Monday off, which has both advantages and disadvantages. If you're married I don't have to explain this statement.
Tuesday is a WIC appointment and then Madison's first Girl Scouts meeting of the year. (And more cleaning somewhere in there.)
Wednesday is my first bible study for this term. I'm taking "Freedom for Mothers." I chose this one because the teacher forgot her book last week when she had to get in front of everyone and explain what the bible study was about. I mean, seriously, how much more "ME" can a bible study be than the teacher forgetting her book!
Thursday is my post op check up. It's past six weeks, but I was in Canada the week of my original appointment. Also, that evening we're planning a trip to the theater here for a little Wall-E action.
Friday is payday. That means seeing the money go out as quickly as it appeared in our account. Good times.
Saturday is lunch with my fellow moms of four or more from church. Then supper in the evening with friends.
Sunday is serving at church, lunch here (and Rock Band) with some friends. Those friends include the drummer from church. Now, if we could just rustle up the bass player and his wife we could have a real live band in our livingroom. Sunday night I have my monthly crafter's anonymous meeting. Seriously though, it's a crafting group I go to once a month to make things.

Not every week is slammed full everyday with stuff. This week is just one of those fun weeks. Honestly, I'm really looking forward to most of it. I'm not necessarily looking forward to what will have to happen at my post op appointment, but I'm looking forward to being cleared back to normal humanity again. And of course I'm looking forward to new glasses, a new bible study and lots of meals with friends.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

All the cool kids do it...

Well here I am starting my very own official blog. I'd started one awhile back, in a desperate attempt to have a place to anonymously vent about the idiots I see everyday. Alas though, I know I should just love those people.... not blog about their flaws. I'm learning.

Anyway, I have a My Space page. And a Facebook page. Why do I feel like I need a blog too? Because maybe here I can finally just not worry about who is reading and work more on me. In the past I've learned that writing helps me get things out, learn as I'm writing and get to know myself better.

Besides... Pastor Rob, Kristin Luippold and Lauren Webb have a blog. And they're cool. And I want to be like them when I grow up. :D Here's one more step towards my devious plan to become just like the three of them. (I love you guys. You hopefully know that. Besides I here copying is the highest form of flattery. LOL)

So, here are my promises to myself, to God and to anyone who may stumble across my little blogging world.

1) I'm going to be completely honest. Sometimes that will be a brutal honesty. Sometimes my flaws will come shining through with blazing brilliance. But in all things I am promising honesty.

2) I'll do my very best to learn from every post. Something about me, about God, His word, His creation or the people around me.