Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What happened to customer service?

I've become increasingly frustrated with customer service the last few days. Why you ask?

Incident #1:
My sister in law is having her first baby. She's registered at Wal Mart's website. I went to the site, found the registry, clicked the items I wanted to buy, clicked "Check Out." I thought that was that. I got the confirmation email and alas, it said the shipping address was my own. I emailed Wal Mart and all they said was they were sorry for the inconvenience. I bought something from a registry and it is being mailed to ME, not the person on the registry. I now have to trudge four kids to the post office and pay a second shipping charge to get the items to my sister in law.

Incident #2:
I check the mail the other day and find a little card that states I have a certified letter. I go to the post office the next day to pick it up. I hand my card to the lady in the window, she's gone for a good 15 minutes and comes back and says that they can't FIND my certified letter. That's right, it was "lost." Certified mail and they lost it between my house (or my mailbox) and the post office. What the heck? I checked the mail today to see if it was there. (I signed a little form that said they could deliver it if they found it.) No letter. So I call the post office again. The gentleman was very nice, but again couldn't find my letter. He gave me the number for the post office inspector person.... meaning I have now filed an official complaint that my letter was stolen.

Incident #3:
(This happened to a friend not me... but it has happened to me in the past at the same store and I'm on a roll now.) My friend went through the Burger King drive thru the other day to get supper for herself and her three kids (aged 4, 2 and 1). She waited 45 minutes from pulling into the drive thru to getting her bag of food. Once you're in the line you can't leave, unless you happen to have a very large wheeled SUV and no respect for landscaping. (And you're willing to chance a ticket for driving all over the grass.) She thought there was something missing, so she ended up toting the three kids inside. When she was at the counter requesting her missed item she asked why it took so long. The employee told her "It's pay day and we're doing the best we can." Um no, it was a few days after payday, a weeknight and not the dinner rush. Idiots.

So, my question, what the heck happened to customer service?

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