Sunday, September 7, 2008

All the cool kids do it...

Well here I am starting my very own official blog. I'd started one awhile back, in a desperate attempt to have a place to anonymously vent about the idiots I see everyday. Alas though, I know I should just love those people.... not blog about their flaws. I'm learning.

Anyway, I have a My Space page. And a Facebook page. Why do I feel like I need a blog too? Because maybe here I can finally just not worry about who is reading and work more on me. In the past I've learned that writing helps me get things out, learn as I'm writing and get to know myself better.

Besides... Pastor Rob, Kristin Luippold and Lauren Webb have a blog. And they're cool. And I want to be like them when I grow up. :D Here's one more step towards my devious plan to become just like the three of them. (I love you guys. You hopefully know that. Besides I here copying is the highest form of flattery. LOL)

So, here are my promises to myself, to God and to anyone who may stumble across my little blogging world.

1) I'm going to be completely honest. Sometimes that will be a brutal honesty. Sometimes my flaws will come shining through with blazing brilliance. But in all things I am promising honesty.

2) I'll do my very best to learn from every post. Something about me, about God, His word, His creation or the people around me.

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