Monday, September 8, 2008

This week's plans

Well, as Sunday night draws to a close the kids are all finally asleep. Howard is standing behind me jamming out on Guitar Hero or Rock Band... one of thos games we love to play and pretend we're still cool. (We used to be, but it's been like 10 years or so I think.)

I'm looking at this week's planner page and thinking, "Wow That's a lot to do." Just to give you an idea of where I'll be spending my week...
Monday is an eye exam for me, grocery shopping and then housecleaning. Howard has Monday off, which has both advantages and disadvantages. If you're married I don't have to explain this statement.
Tuesday is a WIC appointment and then Madison's first Girl Scouts meeting of the year. (And more cleaning somewhere in there.)
Wednesday is my first bible study for this term. I'm taking "Freedom for Mothers." I chose this one because the teacher forgot her book last week when she had to get in front of everyone and explain what the bible study was about. I mean, seriously, how much more "ME" can a bible study be than the teacher forgetting her book!
Thursday is my post op check up. It's past six weeks, but I was in Canada the week of my original appointment. Also, that evening we're planning a trip to the theater here for a little Wall-E action.
Friday is payday. That means seeing the money go out as quickly as it appeared in our account. Good times.
Saturday is lunch with my fellow moms of four or more from church. Then supper in the evening with friends.
Sunday is serving at church, lunch here (and Rock Band) with some friends. Those friends include the drummer from church. Now, if we could just rustle up the bass player and his wife we could have a real live band in our livingroom. Sunday night I have my monthly crafter's anonymous meeting. Seriously though, it's a crafting group I go to once a month to make things.

Not every week is slammed full everyday with stuff. This week is just one of those fun weeks. Honestly, I'm really looking forward to most of it. I'm not necessarily looking forward to what will have to happen at my post op appointment, but I'm looking forward to being cleared back to normal humanity again. And of course I'm looking forward to new glasses, a new bible study and lots of meals with friends.

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